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Untitled Part 1

Posted on October 11, 2013 at 10:34 PM
She came to this place often. It was surrounded by silence,away from the chaos and the noise of her village. There was nothing more sheLOVED than to pull away from her tribe just to be. She’d been coming here sinceshe was a young girl. She stumbled upon it one afternoon, by chance some wouldsay, but she knew better. This place served a purpose. It became her refuge.She’d stay here for many moments, losing track of all sense of time, justenjoying her freedom. There was no one she ever shared this with, not becausethey were unworthy, but because here she could simply breathe.  Here she could dream. Here she became moreherself.
It wasn’t far from her village. As a child she dreamed ofthis space over and over. She never needed to be surrounded by many friends.She was a loner of sorts. She did well in the midst of her own company. She’dbeen like this since she was a child, and rather than understanding her need tobe free, she was often criticized and sometimes even out casted for beingdifferent than the others.
She was coming of age. Beautiful in her stance. She stoodout, but not by choice. She was a simple woman inwardly, often finding herselfcontemplating life, and her reason for being. She felt one with hersurroundings, whether it be nature, animals, or her fellow tribesman. Thoughshe was raised with a reverence for all of life, hers went beyond.
Some would say she was “special” and that she obtainedcertain powers. She was known for her visions and could see into others as ifthey were created from glass. Often, many would seek her out for advice. Shehad been asked to visit the counsel once her powers were known. And she’d standbefore them, listening intently, taking in their wise words.
She did not like the attention she received, and so to be inthis space, this quietude where she could just be herself was nothing short ofheaven for her. This was peace.
There was a stream she’d often find herself lying beside.She’d lie in the grassy area surrounding it, and stare endlessly into the sky. Birdswould begin to serenade her into a soft meditation. They’d sing high praisesupon her arrival. They’d sing to her as if she could decipher their song. Theirmelody held messages for her, and somehow she knew this. She felt it. She’dlook up at them and breathe into the thought of having wings and soaring todistant lands. She LOVED the idea of having such freedom as a bird.
The sun kissed her skin leaving behind a bronze glow. Itsrays adored her, and she reciprocated the feelings. She’d smile at its brilliance,thanking it for bringing forth life and movement. And as their LOVE affairreached scorching heights, she’d dive into the lake to bring the temperaturesback down again.
She could stay here forever. To her, this was living. Itoften overwhelmed her to take on so many different types of energy from others.What others saw as “power” she’d give up if she could just to be “normal”, justto be like everyone else. She thought about why she was so different, but knewthat somehow and in some way, this would all make sense …someday. Now, shewould just enjoy the peace of her sacred place. And as she swam around in thelake, she headed towards the cascading waterfalls. There were a series of them.Some thundered down into the stream, as others were gentle…soothing even.
Behind the waterfalls was a cove. There was not much spacethere, but it was perfect for her. There was so much beauty surrounding her toget lost into.
She let the water cascade onto her head, tracing the line ofher back and finding its way into the lake. These moments made her feelvibrantly alive. She was completely present, free of feeling, of seeing, ofquestions……she was simply herself.
And without warning, she immediately turned around lookinginto the eyes of another. Someone she had never seen. His eyes were piercing,intense, yet they had a peaceful vibration. Unafraid, she stood still awaitinghis next move. He was perched upon a slight hill staring at her. He’d beenwatching her as she swam around, admiring her sun kissed skin. He slowly stood.
She stepped away from the showers of the waterfall into ashallow part of the lake. The water sat right below her knees. They take amoment to acknowledge one another. A vision flashes like lightning, and she isunable to make sense of it.
He softly speaks.
 She does not reply.
 He speaks again asshe begins to walk onto shore, water dripping from her body.
 He only sees beauty.
 Their energy swirls,it speaks louder than any words to be found. She turns back to him and smiles,then takes off beyond the trees. It is time for her to head back to hervillage. Tonight, she must again meet with the counsel.

Categories: #LOVE #ANCIENT #REINCARNATION #stories #shortstories #Spiritual #blog #namaste, LOVE

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