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Silence Speaks

Posted on June 27, 2013 at 7:18 PM
Too many times we resist moments of silence. We've grown so uncomfortable with silence, that we fill it as it arrives. Whether it's by turning on the television,  the radio, or whatever,  for some reason we've moved from the divinity of silence into the fear of it. We feel more comfortable with "background noise"....
So what about silence scares us? We're not taught that we can control our minds....which we indeed can, but rather by staying busy we can somehow silence the constant chatter in our minds. Yet, when we have done all we can, the chatter is still there.
Silence is needed. It is in this divine realm that we are able to quiet our minds and make sense of all that plagues us. In silence is where we are able to hear the voice of the inaudible. The way is heard in silence. The LOVE is felt in silence. Peace takes us over if and when we remember how to work with silence vs. Resisting its arrival.
Meditation takes on many forms. I am not one to speak on techniques or steps because I believe that many times, while focusing on tecniques, we forget to focus on the actual spiritual practice. There is no one right way. All roads, however different,  lead to the same destination. ...whether in this lifetime or another. So then, why get lost in techniques when all we must do is begin somewhere,  anywhere,  and allow the journey of rediscovery to take place.
So rather you do moving meditations, quiet meditations, whether you drive, walk, run, or sit in stillness, at one point or another, we have all meditated and have touched on divine silence. We've all had moments of clarity that came about once we quieted our minds. If we think back, we'll recognize that moment where everything was still and we were resting in a dimension of peace.
Breathe into silence. Inhale LOVE - exhale fear. Explore this realm in its entirety.  Rather than filling silence with background noise, just listen. Let us open our ears, our minds, and our hearts to what is always being transmitted to us. Let us tune into the voice of our inner self. Let us be moved by ITS message.
No matter how long it takes, how far we think we've run away, how long we resist...where ever we go, there we are....and wherever we are, so is a moment, a new now moment to listen to what is.
Embrace silence. Listen. Just listen.

Categories: #LOVE #Silence #Divine #Peace #Grace

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