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Namaste LOVELight

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Posted on October 26, 2013 at 7:13 PM Comments comments ()
As I was sitting today, working on a few things for the site, I was over taken by gratitude for what is. I remember when all of this began a couple of years ago, and to see where it is now really humbles me beyond belief. It has been very difficult for me over the last year, as my life has changed so dramatically with the extensive traveling, but I have had a renewed vision for Namaste LOVElight.
Two years ago, I was deep into the corporate world. I worked for an investment firm, and made loads of money. Tons of it. The most I've ever made in my adult life. I remember I used to go out and have huge bar bills, restaurant bills, and so on...I shopped so much I literally ran out of things to purchase. I'd come home and realize I had purchased 2 of the same thing. I thought that I was successful and that I had finally reached that goal of "making it" that I grew up hearing about.
This lifestyle went on for a while. I worked so much, I was exhausted, but I was making so much money and helping so many people financially....yet I was MISERABLE. My body was weak, my mind was drained, and my soul did not want to do what I was doing another day. I remember calling my family, and most of them telling me to "wait until you find another job Soni.".....they didn't understand.....I COULDN'T wait. SO I went into my office the next day, worked the entire day, cleaned out my office and never went back.
I had no idea of what I was going to do, I just knew that I could no longer bare to feel like "that." I was consumed with work and things, and I realized that I wasn't living.
Fast forward a couple years, a friend of mine remembered in college that I made malas. I would purchase malas and then immediately restring them removing the tassel (cause it always got in my way) and using a thicker string. He asked me to make one for him, which I did. I posted a pic on twitter of what I had created......and YOU guys went bananas.....I remember getting so many inquiries that night about where people could purchase one, and I had no answer for them.
The Universe is so groovy, because so many people were led to me and served as messengers without even realizing it. I remember a girl, out of the blue, tweeting to me about ETSY (which I had never heard of) and telling me how easy it was to create a I did. With NO money and NO inventory and only a handful (maybe 3 or 5 ) malas posted, within 10 days I literally had orders for about 97 malas. I remember having to wait for my unemployment check to hit to purchase the gems and envelopes for all of the orders. And now, I'm getting ready to launch new stock.....with new gems and it feels so good.
And now, 2 years later with over 96K page hits, you guys are still showing me LOVE. Even as I travel so extensively, and am guys are patient and wait however long it takes me to get re-energized. You have no idea how much that means to me. No idea what a grand lesson that is for me.
So now, more than ever I want to get back to me. Get back to life, and healing, and wholeness, and just making space to become better. I cannot thank you guys and your LOVE & support enough. I write it in my cards, and I hope you all feel just how sincere I am......cause honestly, I could not have done any of this without YOU......without YOU, there is no me. There is no separation.
Thank you for being with me through this infinity & beyond.

Untitled - Part 2

Posted on October 19, 2013 at 4:57 PM Comments comments ()
He stood there for a moment in amazement, taking in all the beauty that he had witnessed. A grand feeling of recognition had come over him, like he had seen her before, known her before, and LOVED her before. He wondered ‘how could that be?’ when this was the first time his eyes had ever laid upon her. She was beautiful to him. A beauty that was completely familiar,yet he could barely make sense of this familiarity.
 He had only stumbled upon this place by accident, wandering around the lands in search of something…anything. What that something was, he had yet to find out. He only knew that something deep inside of him had called unto him, beckoning him to set upon a quest. He did his best to avoid this ‘calling” for as long as he could, however one day his inner voice could no longer be ignored.
He went to his family and informed them that he would be leaving his village and had no idea of when he would return. He explained to them how there was something, greater than himself, that was asking him to go beyond all that he had ever known. All the lands, the borders, and boundaries he had never crossed were now screaming for him to come and discover them. He had no clear direction, no map, nowhere in particular to be, he only knew that he had to answer this calling with all his heart and set out at once.
Early one morning, before the sun rose over his village, he gathered his things and left quietly. He let that inner voice guide him, turning him left and right….allowing it to take him over hills, across small streams, and through forest he had never seen before. It was his time to be silent, and just take in every moment. He’d never felt so alive, so free. His whole life he had been bound by rules, rites of passage, and also by his family, but this moment was for him. With every step that he took, he was becoming more and more unrestricted, more and more liberated, more and more free. The further he traveled away from his village, the freer he felt. It was as if he was a bird, and in this moment he was learning to fly.
He’d come across some friendly tribes along the way who allowed him to live temporarily with them. He found himself so mesmerized by the many strangers who were so willing to open their doors to him & share their food with him. He’d stay with them for as long as he could, but then that inner voice would sound off again, and he’d hear “It’s time to move” so he’d gather up his belongings once again, and continue on his journey.
He kept count of his many days and nights as he sat under the stars in silence. The sounds of nature served as his lullaby, soothing him. In the distance he’d hear so many creatures calling out into the night, and he LOVED every moment of it. He witnessed a peace he had never known before in this world. A peace that he wanted to expand upon, a peace that he wished he could bottle up and carry with him along his journey, so that one day he could bring this same peace back to his village.
                One morning, as he awakened, he opened his eyes to a beautiful blue bird’s song. He was astonished that the bird was so close to him, so fearless. The bird sat perched upon a log that rested above his head. He could do nothing but smile. 
As he sat up, he began speaking to the bird, asking what it was doing. The bird spoke back in song. He pulled out some bread from his bag, and laid some crumbs out for the bird. The bird stepped back, stretched his wings as far as he could, and sang to him once more. He got up, and began to pack his things in preparation for the day’s journey. The bird stood watch over him. The moment he had everything packed, the bird began to fly whisking around the man.
“So I have a companion on this journey?”
The bird took off in front of him, as if to lead him. Something inside of the man knew to follow. The bird flew ahead, and then would fly back to the man as if to say “hurry!” He had no idea where he was being led to, only that he must follow the bird’s path which had now become his own. They were one, flying together.
This went on for most of the morning, until suddenly the man came upon a beautiful lake. The bird stopped. The man, out of breath, sat down beside a tall tree. The bird landed beside him and sang. He hopped from one side, then to another.
“So this is what you wanted me to see? A lake? “
The bird replied in song, a melody that melted his heart. Then he flew away. The man sat and watched him disappear beyond the trees. He laughed to himself realizing that he spent most his morning following a bird. Is that what this journey was about? At least he was left in what can only be described as paradise. He had no idea of where he was, but only that he had never seen colors so vibrant. The trees, the grass, the water, even the sky seemed to speak to him. He lay back against the tree, and took in his surroundings.
Suddenly a woman appeared. He slowly sat up and moved silently behind the tree. For some reason, he felt he should hide. She was alone, and he certainly had no intentions of startling her, but immediately he noticed her. She was tall, with hips that swayed with the wind. She lay in the grass, and smiled to herself. He couldn’t take his eyes off of her. He watched as she dived into the lake, and swam over beneath a waterfall, resting there.
He greeted her.
Without even flinching, she turned directly to him as if she knew he had been there all along, yet she didn’t speak. She just stared. Their eyes locked.
He spoke again.
She turned toward the trees slowly, looked back at him once again, smiled, and disappeared behind the trees.
He realized that he was stuck where he stood, taken over by a mere moment. He didn't know if he should take off after her, or stay put. All  he knew was that he had never seen anyone like her in his lifetime.
 She felt like home. She felt like everything he knew and didn’t know. It was as if in the very moment that their eyes locked, his whole life flashed before his eyes. Everything he wanted, everything he needed rested right there with this mysterious woman.

Untitled Part 1

Posted on October 11, 2013 at 10:34 PM Comments comments ()
She came to this place often. It was surrounded by silence,away from the chaos and the noise of her village. There was nothing more sheLOVED than to pull away from her tribe just to be. She’d been coming here sinceshe was a young girl. She stumbled upon it one afternoon, by chance some wouldsay, but she knew better. This place served a purpose. It became her refuge.She’d stay here for many moments, losing track of all sense of time, justenjoying her freedom. There was no one she ever shared this with, not becausethey were unworthy, but because here she could simply breathe.  Here she could dream. Here she became moreherself.
It wasn’t far from her village. As a child she dreamed ofthis space over and over. She never needed to be surrounded by many friends.She was a loner of sorts. She did well in the midst of her own company. She’dbeen like this since she was a child, and rather than understanding her need tobe free, she was often criticized and sometimes even out casted for beingdifferent than the others.
She was coming of age. Beautiful in her stance. She stoodout, but not by choice. She was a simple woman inwardly, often finding herselfcontemplating life, and her reason for being. She felt one with hersurroundings, whether it be nature, animals, or her fellow tribesman. Thoughshe was raised with a reverence for all of life, hers went beyond.
Some would say she was “special” and that she obtainedcertain powers. She was known for her visions and could see into others as ifthey were created from glass. Often, many would seek her out for advice. Shehad been asked to visit the counsel once her powers were known. And she’d standbefore them, listening intently, taking in their wise words.
She did not like the attention she received, and so to be inthis space, this quietude where she could just be herself was nothing short ofheaven for her. This was peace.
There was a stream she’d often find herself lying beside.She’d lie in the grassy area surrounding it, and stare endlessly into the sky. Birdswould begin to serenade her into a soft meditation. They’d sing high praisesupon her arrival. They’d sing to her as if she could decipher their song. Theirmelody held messages for her, and somehow she knew this. She felt it. She’dlook up at them and breathe into the thought of having wings and soaring todistant lands. She LOVED the idea of having such freedom as a bird.
The sun kissed her skin leaving behind a bronze glow. Itsrays adored her, and she reciprocated the feelings. She’d smile at its brilliance,thanking it for bringing forth life and movement. And as their LOVE affairreached scorching heights, she’d dive into the lake to bring the temperaturesback down again.
She could stay here forever. To her, this was living. Itoften overwhelmed her to take on so many different types of energy from others.What others saw as “power” she’d give up if she could just to be “normal”, justto be like everyone else. She thought about why she was so different, but knewthat somehow and in some way, this would all make sense …someday. Now, shewould just enjoy the peace of her sacred place. And as she swam around in thelake, she headed towards the cascading waterfalls. There were a series of them.Some thundered down into the stream, as others were gentle…soothing even.
Behind the waterfalls was a cove. There was not much spacethere, but it was perfect for her. There was so much beauty surrounding her toget lost into.
She let the water cascade onto her head, tracing the line ofher back and finding its way into the lake. These moments made her feelvibrantly alive. She was completely present, free of feeling, of seeing, ofquestions……she was simply herself.
And without warning, she immediately turned around lookinginto the eyes of another. Someone she had never seen. His eyes were piercing,intense, yet they had a peaceful vibration. Unafraid, she stood still awaitinghis next move. He was perched upon a slight hill staring at her. He’d beenwatching her as she swam around, admiring her sun kissed skin. He slowly stood.
She stepped away from the showers of the waterfall into ashallow part of the lake. The water sat right below her knees. They take amoment to acknowledge one another. A vision flashes like lightning, and she isunable to make sense of it.
He softly speaks.
 She does not reply.
 He speaks again asshe begins to walk onto shore, water dripping from her body.
 He only sees beauty.
 Their energy swirls,it speaks louder than any words to be found. She turns back to him and smiles,then takes off beyond the trees. It is time for her to head back to hervillage. Tonight, she must again meet with the counsel.